June 3, 2019


About us

Since opening our doors in 2015, we have helped companies meet their labor needs, being their partner through the process with the Department of Labor, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Our proven system and relationship allow us to be the ideal partner for companies looking to fill their labor needs.

“We are the ideal partner for Companies.”



  • Completes government agency forms on behalf of the client and appropriate to the client´s needs.

  • Transcribes responses to government agencies forms related to an immigration matter. During this process, no advice can be provided to the client regarding responses originated within said forms.

  •  Translate information on forms to clients as well as translate client´s answers verbatim in response to questions posed on such forms.

  •  Securely compile client’s pertinent supporting documents currently in existence, such as birth and marriage certificates necessary for submittal to government agencies.

  • Notarize signatures on government agency forms, provided that the person performing the service is a notary public commissioned in the State of Georgia and is lawfully present in the United States;

  • Prepare or arrange for the preparation of photographs and fingerprints;

  •  Schedule and arrange medical examination (including X-rays and AIDS tests) and securely obtain test result reports.

  • Perform other pertinent services mandated by the Secretary of State within the purview of the situation by an appropriately licensed individual.

  • Execute contractual agreement to provide services in conjunction with immigration assistance which clearly states the obligations of the immigration assistance provider and the client who is to receive such service.

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