June 12, 2019


Temporary Agricultural Workers

We assist growers, farmers, harvesters, garden centers, and nurseries in which the typical positions are field workers, farm laborers, field laborers, pickers, packers, and harvesters. GM transfers some of them sequentially from one employer to another for up to 3 years, which provides employers a chance to save more money and provides workers a longer period of income. U.S employers have the opportunity to bring reliable motivated farm workers to fill temporary agricultural jobs. Employers must provide free housing, pay prevailing wages, and pay for inbound transportation and visa cost at half of the contract, and they must return transportation at the end of the contract. As your Partner, we carry as much of the load for our clients as possible, but the H-2A Agricultural approval process does require employer involvement, particularly at the start.

Temporary Construction, Landscaping, Hospitality and other Industries

GM Consultants provides labor for seasonal, intermittent or a one-time need workers. The most common industries that we source workers are landscaping, forestry, restaurant, hospitality, maintenance, food processing, and construction (including: concrete, equipment operators, painting, roofing, framing, and drywall). As your partner, we free you of the day-to-day and uncertainties of a very tedious process. The H2-B process for guest workers takes approximately 5 months, from the initial application to the arrival of the employee in the USA and there is a cap of 33,000 workers so call us to see if we can help with workers for the season starting in October or April.

Hard to Keep Positions

We’re a leader in finding Latinos workers to provide you with a reliable, motivated and steady workforce. No matter your industry, agriculture, construction, food processing, manufacturing or any other industry, if you’re willing to work with us and the legal foreign workers we source, we are sure to find the right workers for you. We have access to workers that have come regularly with legal work visas and others that want to come legally. We screen them to find a good match, and we are happy to help them to find a great opportunity in America. We also partner locally to offer them access and information to housing, transportation, grocery stores, and banking. We assist them to obtain their Social Security Card, driving licenses, and register the kids in schools. Our focus is labor positions in the construction, agriculture, and food processing industry. We help them settle into the U.S., so that they can become great workers for your.