May 29, 2019



  • Completes government agency forms on behalf of the client and appropriate to the client´s needs.

  • Transcribes responses to government agencies forms related to an immigration matter. During this process, no advice can be provided to the client regarding responses originated within said forms.

  •  Translate information on forms to clients as well as translate client´s answers verbatim in response to questions posed on such forms.

  •  Securely compile client’s pertinent supporting documents currently in existence, such as birth and marriage certificates necessary for submittal to government agencies.

  • Notarize signatures on government agency forms, provided that the person performing the service is a notary public commissioned in the State of Georgia and is lawfully present in the United States;

  • Prepare or arrange for the preparation of photographs and fingerprints;

  •  Schedule and arrange medical examination (including X-rays and AIDS tests) and securely obtain test result reports.

  • Perform other pertinent services mandated by the Secretary of State within the purview of the situation by an appropriately licensed individual.

  • Execute contractual agreement to provide services in conjunction with immigration assistance which clearly states the obligations of the immigration assistance provider and the client who is to receive such service.